Companies Pivot in Changing Business Landscapes

“Pivot” will be a strong contender for making the top spot by year’s end. 

Every year a new word makes waves, stemming from the power given to its usage within our daily lexicons. Over the last five years, Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year list has included words curiously connected with the LGBTQ community: Marriage (2015), Surreal (2016), Feminism(2017), Justice (2018), and most recently, They (2019). If one was to make an educated guess as to what 2020 has in store, chances are the word “Pivot” will be a strong contender for making the top spot by year’s end.

In the unprecedented wake of COVID-19, GSBA Members have taken left turns, pivoting in operational and day-to-day duties. A majority of these pivots are geared toward sustainability, additionally answering the question, “How can we continue to thrive, while making a difference?” Here are just a few of those GSBA Members helping our community by placing the word “Pivot” at the forefront of our collective vernacular.

Heritage Distilling Company and Goose Ridge Estate Vineyard & Winery
Pivot from Spirits to Sanitizers
Both companies are helping to produce hand and service sanitizers. They’re not only selling the in-demand disinfectant alongside their standard spirits, but they’re also
giving back to “first responders, hospitals care facilities, grocery store workers and more.”


Seattle Opera
Pivot from Petticoats to PPE’s
Seattle Opera is lending a hand in the effort to produce more masks to help our local medical providers… costume staff have made 3,000 masks since starting this project just last week. They are continuing to work under the direction of Providence Saint Joseph and expect to make another 2,000 to help with PPE needs in our region.”


Buddha Builders
Pivot from Craftsmanship to COVID Collective 
From our 2020 GSBA Member Buddha Builders; “Unexpected changes come in many forms, some difficult, some liberating. We at the COVID Collective hope to capture and share art made in response to the profound changes we’re all going through. Colorful paintings have appeared on boarded-up storefronts and home offices are turning into art studios. Your neighbors, friends, families and your kids may be making art. Let’s get it into the public eye. The COVID Collective discovers and shares art from the pandemic.”

As we jointly practice physical distancing during what has been deemed “The Great Pause,” let us all continue to pivot down the path toward what could be 2021’s Word of the Year, “Promise.”

A promise for tomorrow. A promise of a new day.

by Joey Chapman (He/Him), GSBA Membership Development Manager